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Hulu reportedly took a pass on 'alternate universe' series about Hillary Rodham (and Bill Clinton, who she never married)

The attempts to get Hillary Clinton back in the news are starting to ramp up with 2024 not far off, whether people are asking for it or not.

If Hillary does end up running, a series based is apparently attempting an image rehab — that is if there are any takers. Hulu’s already reportedly taken a pass, according to Variety:


The series is going to be based on a book that made some minor adjustments to Hillary’s actual life, such as doing away with the part about who she married:

“Rodham” — published in May 2020, and a New York Times bestseller — imagined an alternative universe in which Hillary Rodham Clinton met and dated Bill Clinton at Yale Law School, but never married him. Instead of the life Clinton has actually led, in “Rodham,” she goes on to thrive as a Northwestern University professor, and launches an eventual presidential run in 2016. Real-world events — such as rape accusations against Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump as a significant figure in politics — also play out in Sittenfeld’s novel, but in vastly altered ways.

So, just pretend Hillary never married Bill so as to avoid all the inconvenient hypocrisy? Well that’s one way to handle it.

Does anybody else feel like pre-emptively canceling any streaming service that picks this up?


It would appear that Hollywood has a very different image of Hillary Clinton than regular people do.

Yet again here’s a Hillary Clinton story that takes place on “Earth 2.”



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