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Biden's brag about 'historic' deficit decline is a lock for induction to the Gaslighting Hall of Fame

The Biden administration is desperate for an economic brag as Biden’s approval rating remains steady in the low 40s, according to the RCP average. Needing an economic win means trying to sell “historic” news such as this:


As usual, the White House isn’t mentioning a lot of things while hoping everybody’s stupid.



Biden’s basis for saying the deficit went down is fairly similar to his brags about “creating” jobs when in fact those were mostly jobs that were restored after shutdowns. In other words, artificial “job creation.”

The Biden White House will now keep repeating this until the media and others just instinctively parrot it themselves.

They took the same approach a few months ago when gas prices dropped a few cents a gallon.


No doubt the TikTok influencers will be briefed on this talking point (if they haven’t been already).



Biden points a finger and reminds us again that gas price spike has ‘nothing to do’ with WH policies

ABC News gives Biden & Dems an assist with ‘Putin’s price hikes’ talking point

Libs of TikTok shares video that will please Biden staffers who briefed ‘influencers’

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