The Biden White House’s attempt to put all the blame on Vladimir Putin for gas price increases and inflation seems to be paying dividends when it comes to the media parroting the talking point. ABC News this week helped show how the media just picks up Dem narratives and runs with them:

Never let it be said that the MSM won’t help out the Dems when it comes to their preferred narrative.

The story acknowledges that “Putin’s price hike” is how Biden has labeled it, so ABC News might earn a few state media points for using the term in the title:

“Putin’s price hike,” as the president labeled it, will be borne by American consumers. It’s even possible that, with global prices rising and other markets available, President Vladimir Putin’s Russia actually will make more from the same product than if U.S. imports were to continue.

The Biden White House can never say they don’t get plenty of water-carrying assistance from the mainstream media.

That would be a more honest way to report the story, which is why we don’t see it very much from the MSM.



Gov. Ron DeSantis has a much more accurate term for what the WH calls ‘Putin’s price hike’

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