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VP Kamala Harris advises Dems to convince voters they 'got what they ordered'

Some of Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent comments will turn out to be quite helpful… to Republicans. One example came earlier this month when Harris acknowledged that “people are struggling” under Joe Biden. But Harris’ comments today at the DNC winter meeting general session will also be welcomed by the GOP:

Harris’ advice to Democrats is to convince voters they “got what they ordered”:

Is she sure that’s a good idea for Dems?

Right? Is Harris sure that’s a good approach for Democrats to take heading into the midterms?

This administration’s approval rating is barely north of 40 and Harris is encouraging congressional Democrats to tell voters they “got what they ordered”? LOL. Good luck with that.

We’ll hand it to Harris for being quite good at one thing:

She specializes in word salad, and we didn’t order that either.



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