In an interview this morning with Gayle King on CBS, Vice President Kamala harris admitted that “people are struggling” under President Joe Biden and “it’s too expensive for working families.”

Watch for yourself:


Gayle King: Let’s talk about high priorities when it comes to inflation. The new CBS poll found 70% of Americans disapprove of the administration’s handling of inflation. What do you say to those people? Is that gas prices are just too high? I can’t get peanut butter? Everything costs more? What are you going to do?

Kamala Harris:Listen, people are struggling, especially working people in terms of the price of gas and food. And the reasons include what we need to do to address what happend through the pandemic in terms of supply chain issues, which was a reduction of the availability of goods and so the prices went up. We also need to deal with one of the biggest issues, which is the cost of living. It’s too expensive for working families.

At least she’s finally being honest:

But the vice president did leave out a few things that are causing prices to rise. A few trillion things, actually:



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