The Biden White House’s week is off to a heckuva start when it comes to the epic levels of gaslighting. First off the White House’s economic team has found a way to deal with a recession, and that’s simply by trying to change the definition of the word.

When it comes to gas prices, the White House’s strategy is to hope everybody’s stupid. How’s this for an attempted brag?

First off we need to get this out of the way:

They’re as good at spelling as they are at economics.

But they made up for that by saving us 16 cents on last year’s July 4th barbecue.

So, no more “Putin’s price increase” and Big Oil greed?

They really hope nobody remembers how things were a mere year and a half ago.

Judging from Biden’s approval rating that continues to crater, most people aren’t as stupid as they think (or hope).

Even snake oil salesmen might think this bunch in the White House is overdoing it a bit.



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