It’s been an eventful start to the week, what with the Biden administration’s collective efforts to redefine the word “recession” in order to be able to assure us that we’re not ackshually in a recession right now.

Truth be told, we’re not really all that shocked to see the Biden administration stoop to something like this, especially when you consider all of the lows to which they’ve stooped in their 18 months of existence. But there’s still a little room for some unexpectedness here. Not with the Biden administration, but with the media, who — in theory, at least — still have an opportunity to demonstrate that they haven’t completely forgotten what it is they’re supposed to do here.

Erick Erickson has a great tweet about why the American people should be paying extra close attention to the MSM right now:

In recent weeks, we’ve seen some indications that cracks have started to form in the symbiotic relationship between Joe Biden and the media, particularly after Biden’s now-infamous fist-bump with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman. But in general, Biden still enjoys pretty positive coverage and is given a pass by the media on a lot of things they’d rake a Republican president over the coals for.

This “recession” redefinition business could — and should — be highly consequential not just for the Biden administration, but also for the media.

Damn straight.

Well, look at that. So they did:

Looks like we can go right ahead and move Reuters to the “Dead Press” pile, then.

Who else will end up there?

It’s not looking promising so far.



Ron Klain’s Trump-era take on recessions doesn’t quite match up with the Biden admin’s current definition