Well, kids, it would appear that the talking points have officially gone out.

As we told you, the Biden administration has decided to tackle the current recession by rewriting the definition of the word “recession.” Because that’s how they prefer to get things done.

It’s certainly a bold strategy, we’ll give them that. And nobody in the Biden administration loves bold strategies more than Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain. What does Ron have to say about this? He’s pretty quiet so far, so it looks like we’ll have to take a stroll down Memory Lane to see what he’s had to say about this sort of thing in the past.

Ah! This looks interesting:

When you talk about tweets that have aged like fine milk, you can talk about that tweet from Ron Klain.

Ron is fortunate in that, like pretty much everyone in the entire Biden administration, he’ll likely never be made to answer for things he’s said in the past that are directly contradictory of things the administration is saying now. But we’re still going to do our part to draw attention to it, in the hopes that at least some people out there who have been willing to give the Biden administration the benefit of so many doubts for so long will reconsider their generosity.

Don’t believe for a second that Ron Klain et al. aren’t tremendously proud of themselves.

Don’t worry: Ron’s still cashing all his checks. The American people may be struggling, but the Biden administration’s paychecks haven’t taken any hits.