So … we’re in a recession. Just sayin’.

The more they claim we’re not, the harder they work to pretend we’re not (changing the definition, REALLY?), the more you know we are. Must be nice to have so many outlets and institutions on your side as a Democrat who’s hosing the economy. It seems like such a strange thing, right? Can you guys IMAGINE the fit the Left would have thrown if Trump’s economy had gone into recession (it didn’t) and they just changed the definition to prove it hadn’t?

Buildings. On. Fire.

And CNN would be calling them, ‘mostly peaceful protests.’

Watch this:

The economy is tanking, Brian. Typical working-class people were doing great before Biden came into office and destroyed the country with his EOs… dozens of them.

Imagine if the CNN guy had actually bothered to even try and push back on Deese.

Just a little.

And of course, Putin Putin Putin.

FFS, c’mon Democrats. Even you guys have to know this is all garbage, right?!

Ding freakin’ ding.

And woman.


Because they’re CNN.


Not since they conveniently CHANGED IT.




Those all work.



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