President Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, testified before a Senate committee today, and Republican Sen. Josh Hawley came away from it with an assumption:

Judging from this administration’s responses (or lack thereof) they wouldn’t mind if it was $10 a gallon. Granholm naturally denied that this administration did anything to cause gas prices to rise rapidly:

What did this administration do that could have caused gas prices to go up? Sen. Hawley counts just a few of the ways:

Here’s an exchange Hawley had with Granholm:

At least Granholm didn’t laugh hysterically as she did after being asked what the Biden admin’s doing to lower gas prices.

Here’s a longer clip of Granholm again refusing to admit the Biden administration accepts any responsibility, but we’re used to that:

Granholm’s “solution” is for anybody who’s having trouble affording gas to go buy an expensive electric vehicle.

Are there any Biden Cabinet members who are actually qualified for their jobs?



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