Here’s the current Covid “science” status as it pertains to the White House Correspondents’ dinner:

–President Biden will attend, but to lower the risk of Covid spread he’ll skip the dinner portion of the evening. Apparently Covid’s only going to show up for dinner but not for the rest of the program.

–The double-vaxxed and double-boosted Dr. Anthony Fauci was going to attend the dinner but decided not to go at all out of Covid-19 concerns. It’s always important to demonstrate to the public that they should have complete confidence in the vaccines (cue eye roll).

–Pete Buttigieg will attend the mask-free WHCD in complete confidence.

Fox News’ Bret Baier asked the Transportation Secretary why it’s OK to have a maskless packed house at the WHCD while at the same time the Biden administration wants to bring back mask mandates on airplanes. The “science” is strong with Buttigieg’s answer:

Yes, Mayor Pete, we do understand the difference:

And this guy’s the Secretary of Transportation.

This just yet another item on the long list of examples that this administration’s Covid concern and response has nothing to do with “science” or even common sense.



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