The Senate Judiciary Committee will (perhaps this week) forward President Biden’s nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the entire Senate for a vote, and she’s very likely to be confirmed.

Committee Chair Dick Durbin, however, had to express how he thought Republican questioning of Judge Jackson was completely out of line (we must have missed it when Republicans were looking for cryptic hidden messages in her high school yearbook):

Durbin previously called Republican questioning of Judge Jackson “tedious” and playing to QAnon.

Here’s what he said today:

They [Republicans] promised not to turn this confirmation process into a circus and most kept that promise. Some, however, did not. Instead they repeatedly interrupted and badgered Judge Jackson, and accused her of vile things in front of her parents, husband and children. There was table-pounding, some literally, from a few of my colleagues. They repeated discredited claims about Judge Jackson’s record. They impugned her motives and questioned her candor. One all but called her a liar. They even suggested that Judge Jackson, a mother to two wonderful daughters “endangers children.”

The pearl-clutching coming from these Democrats considering what happened not all that long ago is something else:

The Democrats’ attempts to erase from everybody’s memories what they did to Brett Kavanaugh is truly shameless.

Durbin obviously thinks everybody forgot about that.

And guess what — most of the media will be completely uninterested in reminding people what the Democrats did during the Kavanaugh hearings. They will instead join Dems such as Sen. Durbin in hyperventilating over Republicans who questioned Judge Jackson on her record.

Durbin most certainly does not want to talk about how the Democrats treated Kavanaugh.



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