Things got a bit heated at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson this afternoon after Biden’s Supreme Court nominee told senators they’d need to see pre-sentencing reports for the full context of some of her decisions on the bench. During the hearings, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley and others have been highlighting Judge Brown’s record of being lenient in sentencing those convicted on child pornography charges.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley was watching the hearing and noticed what happened after Republicans heard Judge Brown say they’d need to see the pre-sentence hearing reports for full context:

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin, who chair’s the committee, immediately came to the rescue after Republicans requested the pre-sentencing reports:

Turley’s thread continued:

Senator Durbin will not go along with any of those suggestions to release the reports in a way that the victims’ identities remain confidential.



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