Wow, Sen. Josh Hawley certainly started something with that Twitter thread of his highlighting some of the sentences Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson handed out to those charged with child pornography. As Twitchy reported last week, Senate Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin told Sen. Ted Cruz that Republicans had “exhausted” the topic of her lenient sentences. The media also did its part to cover for Jackson, calling her sentences “mainstream” and tracking down the man she’d let off with just three months to see how his life was going.

Now Politico’s Burgess Everett is telling us that Durbin is calling Republican questioning of Jackson “tedious” and alleging the senators were just playing to social media and QAnon.

Let the record show that questioning a Supreme Court nominee on her lenient sentences for child pornographers is “tedious” and just playing to QAnon. What “normal” American would be concerned about something like a judge letting people off easy for stuff like that?


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