We’re going to have more than one post today on Judiciary Chair Sen. Dick Durbin, who’s doing his best to keep information about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s lenient sentencing of “egregious” child pornography possessors. In another video clip we’ll post, Durbin says that Republicans have “exhausted” the topic. Sen. Ted Cruz doesn’t believe the topic has been exhausted, and had a floor chart of examples of cases highlighting Jackson’s lax sentencing.

It appears to us from the video below that Cruz has asked his question — all that remains if for Jackson to be given the opportunity to answer it. But Durbin argues that it’s Cruz who won’t allow her to respond, which makes no sense. Democrats know Jackson is vulnerable on this issue and will run interference any chance they get.

She’s already said that sentencing guidelines regarding child pornography are out of date and need to be revised (downward).


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