A recent NBC News poll put President Biden’s approval at a new low. Considering this is NBC News, Biden’s approval is likely even lower than this:

One bit of info there stuck out to NBC and PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor, and it shows that nobody’s buying the Biden administration’s gas price and inflation blame game:

However, when it comes to domestic issues, MSNBC is doing their best to help the White House with spin on their poll:

Right now Ron Klain is probably saying, “hey Google, how can I retweet only half of a media organization’s tweet?”

The media are doing their best considering what they have to work with (which requires 100 percent Grade-A gaslighting).

Apparently the economy is still fantastic inside the bubble.

Inflation remains the number one issue to voters, no matter how much Democrats and the media screech about climate change, January 6th, or Florida’s Parental Rights Bill.



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