Inflation, violent crime and election integrity are the most concerning and/or important issues to voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll. The snapshot published by the polling company includes the top six issues that “all U.S. voters” value as important, concerning, very important, and very concerning. The following tweet contains those results.

As noteworthy as the overall concern and importance numbers are (two of them are nearly 90 percent), the “very concerned” and “very important” figures are just as — if not more — striking. More than 60 percent of those surveyed are very concerned about (or consider very important) inflation, violent crime and election integrity.

The opening paragraph of the Rasmussen Reports story, which is the text of the following tweet, reveals that more than 50 percent of surveyed voters believe the 2020 general election was affected by cheating. If this result is close to an accurate reflection, it indicates that there is a significant number of voters whose participation and decision-making in the 2022 election will be motivated and influenced by the 2020 election.

These numbers portend very, VERY negatively for Democrats, who control the White House and hold effective majorities in both houses of Congress, in the upcoming elections. However, there are two important points to consider when digesting polling numbers released at this point.

First, polls are, at best, polls. As we are constantly reminded, political surveys are too often distorted representations of public sentiment. The results of too many of them skew further leftward than reality. Nevertheless, some polls do actually signal what is really going on. Rasmussen Reports is a polling organization that has earned a benefit of the doubt.

And second, it is March. The reality of how motivated the electorate is (or segments of it are) and of what issues are driving ballot box decisions is difficult to determine until the final weeks and months before Election Day.

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