President Biden and his administration continue to circle the drain in the job approval sense:

And that’s from NBC News, so you know the real numbers are likely even worse for Biden.

Yamiche Alcindor of NBC News and PBS saw a number that jumped out, and it shows that almost nobody’s buying the Biden administration’s latest scapegoat for all bad news:

And you know that’s disappointing to a lot of “journalists.”

Biden and the Dems have been trying to brand inflation and high gas prices as “Putin’s price hikes” but it doesn’t look like nearly as many people are as gullible as they hoped.

No it’s not.

The Biden White House will have to send out a fresh set of talking points for their media water carriers to run with.

Add it all up and the Democrats may well be in for a midterm wipeout, and that’s with so many in the media trying to carry them on their shoulders.



‘Hooooly moly’! Biden’s approval in Senate battleground states signals looming midterm disaster for Dems

Gee, do you think this new low for Biden’s approval has anything to do with WH/Dems’ sudden Covid pivot?

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