Before departing Poland today, President Biden delivered a speech during which he had warnings for Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that NATO countries stand united. And because this administration is also governed by the “never let a crisis go to waste” philosophy, Biden’s speech contained a section during which the White House’s “clean energy” plan was pitched.

Always Be Closing™:

Said Biden:

As a matter of economic security and national security for the survivability of the planet, we all need to move as quickly as possible to clean and renewable energy, and we’ll work together to help get that done.

Gas prices remain very high (as does inflation) and Biden’s pledging to help get Europe through their energy crisis via “clean energy” solutions (that don’t even exist nearly at a level needed to power a society because Dems won’t embrace nuclear)?

The Left is so tied to those pet issues that they’d rather go down in flames than set them aside for even a short amount of time.

Make it happen, voters!



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