Joe Biden’s in Brussels today for the NATO summit, and, as always, he came prepared. In his very special way:

Apparently one of the reporters on his list asked him about the possibility of food shortages. To his credit, Biden didn’t beat around the bush in his response:


And of course it’s ultimately Russia’s fault, because Joe Biden has to impose sanctions on them (sanctions that may or may not work, depending on when you ask him). Has nothing whatsoever to do with Joe Biden’s domestic policies, which have led to serious supply chain issues that have resulted in widespread shortages of food (and other extremely important resources). These days, it’s a lot more difficult to hold COVID responsible for America’s economic downturn than it used to be, but Russia’s nice and fresh on everyone’s mind. So, Russia it is!

We’d like to think that the Springtime of Hunger and Famine will turn out to be like the Winter of Sickness and Death turned out: a colossal bust.

But we can’t in good faith bring ourselves to think that, because we know better. This time, we’re really going to feel it. Because we’ve already been feeling it.

And we’re just supposed to grin and bare it. Accept it as our new reality.

Maybe we just have to look at this as an amazing opportunity to experience life in a third-world country. Or Depression-era America!

Oh, we’re sure the Democrats will be just fine. There will always be enough food for them. They’ve got to keep up their strength so they can keep Building Back Better.

Like margarita mix. You’re gonna need something to help you deal with the stress.

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