President Biden is in Brussels meeting with other world leaders, and the main topic of discussion was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Biden delivered remarks this afternoon and then answered questions from a handful of reporters. Naturally the list of reporters had been selected ahead of time and given to Biden:

One question that Biden was asked what why sanctions don’t seem to have deterred Putin. Biden got visibly angry and said his administration has never said sanctions would deter Putin:

“I did not say that, in fact, sanctions would deter him.”

He didn’t?

The Biden White House has in the past claimed that sanctions would deter Putin:

There have been several occasions where the Biden White House indicated that sanctions would in fact do just that:

Also, maybe the president should talk to his vice president more often:

CBS News’ Major Garrett couldn’t let Biden’s denial go unchecked:

Does anybody in this administration tell the truth about anything?



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