Accept a job as White House press secretary, they said. There are so many perks, they said! You’ll get to travel the world, they said!

Alas, they weren’t counting on COVID when they said all that stuff. And now, Jen Psaki has been grounded just before boarding her scheduled flight to Brussels with President Joe Biden.

Because she’s tested positive for the COVID:

Bummer, Jen. But hopefully now you’ll have some time to relax and unwind with a margarita or two.

Anyway, what does this positive test result mean for her boss, Joe Biden?

Good that Biden tested negative, Jen. But he may test positive later. And the fact remains that even your socially distanced meetings with him yesterday put him at risk. He’s an old man, for crying out loud. You have to be extra careful!

We’re glad that Jen’s symptoms are only mild thus far. And at least some credit for that is probably due to the vaccine, so her advocacy for the COVID vaccine is perfectly intellectually consistent even though she has COVID now.

But geez. This isn’t the first time Jen Psaki has contracted COVID:

Yep. Twice. That’s two times. Two separate times.

That makes not one, but two missed trips for Jen Psaki. Because she got COVID not once, but two times.

October. That wasn’t all that long ago.

Lord only knows how many people have been exposed to COVID because of Jen Psaki’s apparent lack of seriousness about taking precautionary steps to curb the spread.

For shame, Jen!

In all seriousness, we do hope that she makes a full recovery. And then when she’s feeling better, she can hopefully explain to us why she didn’t have to adhere nearly as closely to the rules that we normies have been expected to follow.

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