Even though the Biden administration would like everybody to believe that the price of gas is rising purely because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the infamous “I did that” stickers you might have seen on gas pumps in many places started popping up shortly after Biden took office. Biden making the U.S. more dependent on foreign sources of oil in the name of pursuing this administration’s “clean energy” agenda has meant Americans are getting hit hard at the gas pump.

However, at least Biden is creating work for some Americans — that “work” being removing “I did that” stickers from gas pumps:

There are so many stickers to remove:

Hey, who says Biden isn’t making work for people!?

Those stickers are everywhere. After all, we’re in a “Biden boom” according to the White House and Democrats.

Biden and the Democrats probably should have included money in the infrastructure bill to pay for “I did that” sticker removers all around the country (they would have been union jobs, of course).



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