A couple of days ago we did a post on Twitter fabulist Aaron Rupar supposedly owning hypocrite Sen. Ted Cruz, who told Fox News that the United States should sanction Russian oil while at the same time criticizing the Biden administration for not caring if gas prices hit $10 a gallon. What an idiot, right? If only there were some other place that had oil and natural gas.

New York Times editor Blake Hounshell essentially echoed Rupar, pointing out that President Joe Biden sure is in a jam: Republicans are going to blame him for high gas prices while at the same time criticizing him for not sanctioning Russian oil. Again, if only there were another way to obtain oil and natural gas.

Today, Jen Psaki paraded out the administration’s talking points: The best way to keep fuel prices in check is to transition to green energy; plus, the Keystone XL pipeline would take too long to build — after Biden halted construction on his first day in office and let it sit for a year.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has picked up from Ryan Cooper a way to sanction Russia and keep the oil flowing: Buy oil from Iran.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says buying from Iran is on the table:

Crazy idea … let’s produce our own oil.