Usually, Aaron Rupar is busy editing videos to remove all context, which he does so consistently that it’s earned him his own entry in the Urban Dictionary, where “Rupar” is a verb describing just that. He’s up to something different Tuesday, though; he’s owned Sen. Ted Cruz by posting back-to-back tweets from Cruz to show how ignorant he is. Check it out — he’s even highlighted the good parts:

Here they are in case that gets cut off:

Maybe there’s some clue to be found in the chyron, “Biden’s war on American energy.”

Both Jen Psaki and Pete Buttigieg have confirmed that the Biden administration’s solution to high gas prices is for Americans to transition to green energy and electric cars. And you know what? They don’t care if gas hits $10 a gallon. If they did, they’d open the Keystone XL pipeline, allow drilling on federal land, and stop buying oil from Russia.

Deputy National Security Advisor and Deputy NEC Director Daleep Singh just last week said that the sanctions as they stand aren’t designed to disrupt the flow of energy from Russia to the rest of the world. So what’s the point?

It’s staggering how many of Rupar’s followers really think Cruz is contradicting himself here. And they all have “I stand with Ukraine” avatars while somehow arguing that the United States shouldn’t sanction Russian energy.



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