The rapid increase in gas prices that’s been happening ever since President Biden took office only accelerated after Russia invaded Ukraine. What’s the Biden White House’s solution? Certainly not to return to the days of energy independence. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said today explained that pain at the pump is just something Americans will have to endure until the “transition” to “clean energy” is complete. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said that increasing domestic production is still off the table for this administration, but it’s possible the U.S. could buy oil from Iran.

Feeling confident yet?

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley attempted to force the issue of returning to the days of energy independence today in the Senate:

And guess what happened next…

We’d like to say we’re surprised, but unfortunately these Democrats are far too predictable and put their own agenda over helping the people they claim to be concerned about.

Remember to “thank” the Democrats this November by voting to put them in the minority of both the House and Senate.

The final word here goes to Sen. Hawley:



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