On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis caused a mass triggering on the Left after being recorded reminding a group of students that, while they were free to keep wearing their masks, doing so would not do anything to keep anybody safer.

As New York is now lifting school mask mandates, Gov. Kathy Hochul clearly had DeSantis in mind when she warned people against “bullying” anybody who still chooses to keep masking up:


“We will not have any tolerance for people who are questioning someone’s own personal decision to do what they want. If people want to continue wearing masks, they will be allowed to continue wearing masks. And I don’t want any issues related to that and I want to be very clear on that. We will not stand for any bullying or ostracization or harassment of an individual or business or anyone who chooses to wear a mask.”

So there it is — the real “bullies” for these past couple of years are now trying to claim victim status.

Gov. DeSantis’s press secretary Christina Pushaw leads things off in noting the supreme irony:

DeSantis continues to live rent-free in the heads of so many Democrat politicians that you’d think the “cancel rent” lefties would be supporting him by now!

Fact check: TRUE. And it was the entire Democratic Governors Association that held a meeting in Florida. You can’t make this stuff up!

This is where it gets good… Gov. DeSantis responded in perfect fashion:

And… BOOM.



WATCH: Ron DeSantis tweets out a response video to yesterday’s non-story on masks and IT IS PERFECT

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