Today is New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s last day in office, and he’s obviously decided to “leave ’em laughing” on his way out the door:

Janice Dean leads off with the most fitting response:

That’s the perfect reaction to this claim:

Mayor Bill de Blasio is insisting that New York City is better off now after his eight years at the helm — even though murder rates are up, street homelessness has surged and the Big Apple’s economic recovery lags amid the pandemic.

“I’m convinced this place is better than eight years ago,” de Blasio told NBC’s “Today” on Thursday as his mayoral tenure nears an end.

“New York is better because of New Yorkers.”

Those New Yorkers who haven’t fled the city during his tenure, that is. And if anybody wants to ask the New York Post’s Karol Markowicz about the job De Blasio did as mayor they’ll be able to find her in Florida soon, along with many others (including AOC at the moment).

People are leaving because Bill de Blasio did such a bang-up job of maintaining law and order in New York City. *Eye roll*

Clearly, Comrade De Blasio has a very different definition of “better off” than most other people.

To be fair, De Blasio did crack down on crime during his final year in office, and by “crime” we mean illegal dirt bikes and arresting people trying to eat at restaurants without vaccine passports.



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