The takes from the Left in the wake of a Kenosha, Wisconsin jury finding Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts have made it clear that this isn’t really about what took place at the trial. There have been people blaming “white tears” for the verdicts, Rep. Jerrold Nadler told more lies and said he’s going to try and get the DOJ to start an investigation, and MSNBC’s Joy Reid believes the verdicts have given conservatives carte blanche to go on killing sprees.

As for news consumers who are shocked or angered by the verdicts, Townhall’s Julio Rosas, who has been covering the story from the beginning, had the best advice ever for those who can’t understand what’s taken place:


“Double down” will be the response from many mainstream outlets.



Julio Rosas shares video of mood outside Kenosha courthouse just after Rittenhouse verdicts were read