This week, Igor Danchenko, a Russian analyst who worked on the Steele dossier, was indicted as part of the ongoing Durham investigation. What it all adds up to is that the Steele dossier the Democrats and media used to forward claims of Trump/Russia collusion is total BS and has imploded.

The Washington Post, which also breathlessly reported the Democrat narrative as fact at the time, is slowly walking back their previous reporting:

“New uncertainty”? Please.

Will the Post’s new reporting on why their previous reporting was wrong also be awarded a Pulitzer?

Like Kimberley Strassel said this week, the Steele dossier should actually be referred to as the “Clinton dossier.”



WaPo fact-checker says Durham’s ‘stunning indictment’ means ‘Christopher Steele’s sources were really bad’ (then it gets awkward)

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