Earlier today we told you that Igor Danchenko, a Russian analyst who worked on the Steele dossier, has been arrested as part of John Durham’s ongoing investigation. Danchenko was a primary contributor to the dossier the Democrats used to spread their “Trump/Russia collusion” narrative with the gleeful assistance of the mainstream media.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York has more details that the MSM will be fairly quiet about because the wheels are now completely off their previous stories:

Mollie Hemingway reminded everybody earlier that “journalists” received Pulitzers for stories on alleged Trump/Russia collusion that were based on the now imploded Steele dossier.


“With respect to the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, PR executive-1 actively campaigned and participated in calls and events as a volunteer on behalf of Hillary Clinton.” There’s currently some speculation going on about the identity of “PR executive-1.”

We’ll see where the Durham probe leads next.

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