As Twitchy told you Saturday night, Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas’ original claim that a “white man” told her to “go back” where she came from while at a grocery store started to fall apart later that same day after Thomas admitted things didn’t exactly play out the way she initially described. Combine that with the fact that the man Thomas accused is a Democrat of Cuban descent who has been critical of Trump and supportive of AOC and her “squad” and it was enough of a backfire to make Rep. Ted Lieu delete his tweet in support of her.

However, many hours after all that, NBC News was still doing yeoman’s work in keeping the original narrative alive:

Way to try and keep the Dem narrative alive as long as possible, NBC News!

Maybe they hadn’t heard the latest on the story because they only watch NBC News.

NBC left Erica Thomas’ walk back of her original claims out of their headline and story.

Lieu deleted his tweet slamming Trump and the GOP and supporting Thomas sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning, but NBC News was still quoting his deleted tweet in story they promoted again Sunday evening. Journalism!