Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas and her claims about what a man told her at a grocery store seem to have taken a turn against the lefty narrative that immediately developed. The “white man” who Thomas said told her to “go back” where she came from turned out to be a Cuban immigrant and a Democrat who has defended AOC and her “squad” against Trump’s “racist” tweets. At this point it sounds like this all came about as a result of the man taking offense to Thomas using the express lane when she had too many items. Thomas eventually shifted into backpedal mode:

Among Democrats who immediately took Thomas’ claim at face value was Rep. Ted Lieu, who wagged a finger at Trump and the GOP. Lieu’s tweet was in our first post about Rep. Thomas and her claims but now it looks this way:


Lieu must have decided to shoot first and ask questions later:

Lieu was among the first Dems to use Thomas’ claim to score political points, but he must have sensed it backfiring, because deletion ensued:

Nice try, Rep. Lieu, but the internet is forever:

As of this time there’s no other mention of Thomas or her claims on Lieu’s Twitter feed.