Now that the white man who verbally abused Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas in a grocery store Saturday has come forward and spoken to the press on camera to deny the charges, people are checking out his social media accounts to see just what sort of MAGA Trump supporter would tell a black woman to go back to where she came from.

As it turns out, the white guy is a Cuban immigrant and a Democrat who just defended “The Squad” against Trump’s “racist” tweets, told the president to “go back to Germany and his Nazi roots,” and recently posted about his own experiences with “hidden and outright vocal bigotry, ignorance and racism” because his grandmother didn’t speak English, only Spanish.

Yes, he did.

So the Cuban immigrant who thinks Trump is a racist Nazi told a black woman to go back where she came from. It’ll be interesting to see to how this all shakes out.

She sounded so shy in the checkout line, and yet: