As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, Patricia Arquette, Tom Arnold, Bill de Blasio, and Rep. Ted Lieu all expressed their disgust at Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas being “verbally assaulted” in a grocery checkout lane by a white man who told her to go back to where she came from — of course he’d say exactly that, because he’s an obvious MAGA drone who repeats President Trump’s controversial tweets right on schedule.

BuzzFeed News was right on it:

However, the white man who allegedly verbally abused her got in touch with the local TV station to identify himself and tell his side of the story.

Oh sure, let the white guy talk. Take a cue from Eric Swalwell and know when to pass the mic to minority women.

According to WSB-TV they’re working to get a copy of the police report Thomas reportedly filed, so it might be up to the police to grab surveillance video from the store.

That’s it, essentially.