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Biden Wishes Reporters Would ‘Play by the Rules’ When Asking Questions

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Joe Biden already embarrassed America once Thursday at the G7 summit in Italy by aimlessly wandering off from the group before being led back by Italy's prime minister. We're certain the AP and Washington Post are already preparing stories about the deceptive editing to mislead people into thinking Biden looks old and frail.


Biden later held a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy where he announced a $50 billion loan to Ukraine from the Group of Seven. Seeing as it was a press conference, a member of the press asked a question about what the U.S. and other nations could do to drive Israel and Hamas toward a peace deal. Biden scolded the reporter for not playing by the rules; this was a very important press conference about Urkaine, not Gaza.

"Attack on the free press" is right … when is the media going to collectively express its concern over Biden's berating a reporter for doing his job? This is not the first time that Biden has snapped at a reporter for asking a "lousy" question; remember when Fox News' Peter Doocy asked him about his new granddaughter that he refused to acknowledge?


Nothing is more important than Ukraine, according to Biden. Once Vladimir Putin conquers Ukraine, he's going to move on European NATO members, apparently, drawing the U.S. into a world war.

Who is making the rules? Are they the same people Biden keeps telling the press he'll get in trouble with if he takes questions?


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