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WaPo Looks Into Those Misleading Videos of Joe Biden at Normandy

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, "Joe Biden" and "pooping" were trending on X after a video of Biden squatting down to sit in a chair that wasn't there went viral. Fortunately, the Associated Press was quick to step in and fill in the missing context, which was nice of them to do since accounts like Aaron Rupar and Acyn post edited videos every day.


Wow, a conservative doesn't show the full context of the moment and the mainstream media bursts into action — just as how they reacted to the Donald Trump "bloodbath" video clip, right?

The Washington Post has also stepped forward to debunk the video of Biden trying to sit in a chair that wasn't there, along with a video of him being rushed away from the ceremony by Dr. Jill Biden while President Emmanuel Macron stayed behind and shook hands with veterans. Watch as the Post goes full Zapruder on the clips.

Trump has also repeatedly attacked Biden over his age and fitness, and regularly shares videos of the president looking frail.


As we said, it was nice when the Washington Post stepped in to debunk the Trump "bloodbath" video that made Rep. Dan Goldman's and Joe Scarborough's heads explode and led the news cycle for a week. Huh, we just did a search of the Post's timeline for "bloodbath" and that clip didn't come up.

The fact is, voters are concerned about Biden's age and mental acuity, and even if the video was edited, it still took him an awful long time to sit down in that chair … so long that the Post had to publish an article about it.


Yes, but Trump "regularly shares videos of the president looking frail." He can do that because there are so many videos of the president looking frail, like this one. Sorry guys, but he still looks old and confused, even with added footage.

Yep. That's why Attorney General Merrick Garland would rather be held in contempt of Congress than turn over the recordings. Garland told Congress he wouldn't be intimidated into releasing the tapes.


Drinking bleach, injecting bleach … the Biden campaign tends to use them interchangeably.

We'll anxiously await the Post's extensive analysis of the next Trump video Rupar edits out of context and posts.


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