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Rebekah Jones tries doxxing Max Nordau again, fingers some random guy in Indiana

As you know by now, Rebekah Jones is a serious nutcase. She claimed this week that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had sent police to her house to arrest her 13-year-old son for posting memes. She said she had video of him being handcuffed and led away without being allowed to take his prescription medication. She also claimed she’d sent her husband and daughter out of the state for their safety.


Video then emerged showing Jones turning her son in at the police station, and those memes he’d posted were actually multiple threats to shoot up a middle school or at least knife students to death. He’d even set a date, March 31.

Last August, we reported that Jones, in a TikTok video, tried to doxx “Max Nordau,”  who’s been relentless in calling out Jones’ many, many lies on Twitter. She’d even been banned but was brought back under Elon Musk’s amnesty program.

Now she’s again siccing her followers on Robert Andrew McGimpsey of Indiana.


“One of Twitter’s most active cyber terrorists,” Max Nordau. Meanwhile, her son is being held for terroristic threats.

That’s quite the collection of mugshots.

She really does, and we mean that literally. She has DeSantis Derangement Syndrome and it’s broken her.


But they do. Even the Miami Herald initially reported that the COVID “whistleblower’s” son had been arrested for posting memes before heavily revising its headline and story. They just hate DeSantis that much.



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