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Judge rules that ex-wife can take former husband's child out of state for gender transitioning

There was a tiny protest today outside of a judge’s home. It didn’t get much attention, but it struck a chord with me because I’ve been covering this story for years. Before we get to the protest, let’s cover some of the history.

James Younger is the biological father of a son. His ex-wife, who is not the biological mother, has been raising the boy as a girl since age 3 or so. Our first exposure to the case was a video posted of the boy at 7 years old explaining what his “mom” has him do. She calls him “Luna” and dresses him in girls’ clothing.

Younger has been in court fighting to prevent the chemical castration of his son. A Texas court gave all decision-making ability to Ann Georgulas and ordered Younger to pay $5,000 a month for trans-affirming counseling sessions. Gov. Greg Abbott ordered an investigation into the matter. Sen. Rand Paul called it child abuse. The University of North Texas’ Young Conservatives of Texas welcomed Younger to their campus this past March to host an event called “Criminalize Child Transitions.” This is how that went:

The boy’s father has lost again in court, with a judge saying the non-biological mother who now has custody can take the child out of state for “gender-affirming” care. As we reported earlier this month, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation allowing California to take “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over a child that traveled to the state for transgender drugs or operations, stripping parents of their authority.

And here we are.

This whole thing is crazy. The child’s been taken away from his biological father so his non-biological mother, who’d been raising him as a girl, could get him the gender-affirming care he needs. “Mom” seemed very enthusiastic about the opportunity to raise a trans child.

President Joe Biden has weighed in on Texas’ laws about gender-affirming care for minors:

Thanks, Joe. So dad’s a “fascist” who’s trying to harm his own child by wanting a say in medical decisions. It’s nice to see that some people still care about this case.




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