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NBC News reporter who covers 'extremism and lies' for a living says you're not going to like where Twitter is headed

There are plenty of journalists upset that their playground has been purchased by Elon Musk and he might just ease up on the censorship … um, “content moderation.” Musk’s claim that he’s a “free speech absolutist” has a lot of people worried that Twitter will be like a party with total freedom. Human rights groups are concerned about hate speech. Jen Psaki told us that President Joe Biden has “long been concerned” about the power of social media to influence. House Democrats urged the FBI to investigate Parler, which was taken down from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store.


Back in November 2020, MSNBC published a report about Parler. “They’re fine with hate speech and racism,” they wrote about Parler, calling it a social media platform used for spreading conspiracy theories. “Swearing is not really allowed … nudity is not really allowed, so it’s a free speech platform in racism only.

The author of that piece? Ben Collins, who’s back, as an expert on “extremism and lies,” to let us know we’re not going to like where Twitter is headed under Musk.


Because Twitter’s been so transparent about the application of its suspensions and bans.

Yes. Log off and go outside.


When Glenn Greenwald in November of 2020 called out the “little hall monitor dweebs” who work for the networks and “whose only purpose is to pressure other platforms to censor or block the voices that are most threatening to them,” one of the two dweebs he was referring to was Collins.




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