As Twitchy reported at the end of October, journalist Glenn Greenwald resigned from The Intercept — which he co-founded — after the editors there “censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Joe Biden.” Greenwald said he’d be posting his work on Substack from now on, and the Columbia Journalism Review now has a very lengthy piece out critical of Substack.

For one thing, as Ross Douthat highlighted, several of the writers on Substack are conservative.

Clio Chang notes that “most are white and male; several are conservative,” and adds that “Matt Taibbi, Andrew Sullivan, and most recently, Glenn Greenwald—who offer similar screeds about the dangers of cancel culture and the left—all land in the top ten.” You kind of know with whom you’re dealing when they name Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald as the leading conservative voices on the site; Chang also notes that Jonah Goldberg’s The Dispatch is the most popular newsletter on Substack.

So, is this a problem in the same way that a very concerned Brian Stelter thought that conservatives moving from Twitter to Parler was just Trump voters creating their own echo chamber?

Speaking of hall monitors, Greenwald used the same terminology in his thread, which is abbreviated here.

We love how Greenwald pulled out a photo of Oliver Darcy for his tweet about little hall monitor dweebs.

Who is going to stop conservatives from writing and publishing their work seems to be the question.