Remember last week when Glenn Greenwald called out the “little hall monitor dweebs” who work for the networks and “whose only purpose is to pressure other platforms to censor or block the voices that are most threatening to them”? One of the two dweebs Greenwald called out specifically was NBC News’ Ben Collins, and it looks like Collins is doing his job of pressuring another platform that’s most threatening to the media establishment: Parler.

CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter already expressed his concerns about Parler, especially that “people are going more and more into their own echo chambers.” Now Collins is here to warn viewers that Parler’s users are fine with hate speech and racism “and why it’s concerning when it comes to spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation.”

Hold up: MSNBC, the network that just gave Joy Ann Reid her own primetime show, is worried about spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation?

That’s brilliant.