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David French says that redefining the word 'groomer' is pure malice, also brings Donald Trump into it; Updated

As Twitchy reported a few days back, Washington Post opinion columnist Paul Waldman sent out an alert that right-wing sites were “universally” referring to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill as the “Anti-Groomer Bill,” using as an example a headline from The American Conservative that read, “Disney Goes Groomer.” Note that Waldman had no qualms referring to the Parental Rights in Education Bill as “Don’t Say Gay.” It’s true that conservatives have been pushing back against opponents of the now-law by calling them groomers. CNN’s Oliver Darcy has written that “it is difficult to ignore the QAnon factor at work.”


NRO fellow Nate Hochman warns conservatives against throwing the “groomer” word around because it makes us sound like the crazy ones:

David French posted a similar thread but also brought Donald Trump into it. You probably don’t remember CNN’s October surprise: the unearthing of Donald Trump in a Playboy video from the ’90s:

“The scenes featuring Trump do not contain nudity or sexually explicit content,” but the story has apparently stuck with French, who brought another Playboy video into his argument:


If that gets cut off, it’s about Roy Moore.


So, what do you say? Should supporters of the Parental Rights in Education law stop casually calling their opponents “groomers”?

Salon, Slate, and USA Today have all published pieces trying to normalize pedophilia as just another sexual orientation that doesn’t necessarily make one a bad person.



Let’s face it: “OK, groomer” has the Left on defense, and they’re defending something that’s unpopular with most of the country.

Does French follow @libsoftiktok we wonder? He should.

* * *


We said in another post that one of the emerging themes of the day on Twitter was to push back against the “groomer” label; we’ve done French, but here are a few more examples, all from today:




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