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Boston removes its Emancipation Memorial that was making residents and visitors 'uncomfortable'

We believe it was June when there were statues being torn down or vandalized every day: Some, like Thomas Jefferson and Ulysses S. Grant, were toppled by vandals, while others were taken down by cities, such as the Christopher Columbus statue in Philadelphia.


One target that managed to escape toppling despite the best efforts of activists was the Emancipation Memorial in Washington, D.C., showing a freed slave rising up from bondage in front of Abraham Lincoln — too many thought it looked like the slave was kneeling before Lincoln, so it had to go. That led to screaming from young white activists who didn’t understand why some blacks didn’t want their “help” in toppling a memorial paid for by freed slaves.

As we said, that memorial managed to stay up, but Boston is removing its copy of the Emancipation Memorial that has been in the city since 1879, making residents and visitors alike “uncomfortable.”

The New York Post reports:

More than 12,000 people had signed a petition demanding the statue’s removal and Boston’s public arts commission voted unanimously to take it down. The statue was to be placed in storage until the city decides whether to display it in a museum.

“The decision for removal acknowledged the statue’s role in perpetuating harmful prejudices and obscuring the role of Black Americans in shaping the nation’s freedoms,” the commission said in a statement posted on its website.

The memorial had been on Boston’s radar at least since 2018, when it launched a comprehensive review of whether public sculptures, monuments and other artworks reflected the city’s diversity and didn’t offend communities of color. The arts commission said it was paying extra attention to works with “problematic histories.”


As Twitchy has reported, a committee has already made its recommendations for statues and memorials in Washington, D.C., that need to be removed, relocated, or “contextualized.” (That is, if the Washington Monument is too big to relocate, they can at least put up a plaque acknowledging that he owned slaves.)

For what it’s worth, Joe Biden said in June that statues of Washington and Columbus were OK.


We’d thought the toppling statues fad had faded, but it looks like Boston’s keeping it alive.


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