First: Yes, we did use the sexist word “hysterical” in the headline on purpose, because we’ve collected so many videos now of young white girls screaming at black cops who just don’t appreciate what they’re doing for them that it could be its own spin-off site.

As Twitchy reported, the Emancipation Monument (or Lincoln statue) in D.C. did not come down as promised by activists at 7 p.m. Thursday, and the fight goes on as people argue that the statue either depicts a black man on his knees before Abraham Lincoln, or it depicts a black man breaking free of his chains and standing free with thanks to Lincoln.

The girl in this video goes into the screamers hall of fame for laying into a black man who’s in favor of keeping the statue up. “Who paid for it?” he asks her repeatedly as she rants, obviously getting to the point that it was freed slaves who donated to erect the monument.

As we said, hysterical.

Why can’t these black men appreciate that she’s fighting for them?

* * *


Here’s some more bonus footage of the same man: