In that press conference from which Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats and progressives took the lie that President Trump had called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people,” the president asked a very good question: If the country was going to take down all statues of and monuments to Confederates and rename government buildings and schools, where would it end? Would statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson be taken down because they had owned slaves?

No one, especially in the press, seemed to give it a second thought, and just this summer we saw pieces in the news about tribal leaders not necessarily wanting to blow up Mount Rushmore — that would be environmentally unfriendly — but to erase it somehow.

Martin Austermuhle of WAMU in Washington, D.C., reports that a working committee put together by Mayor Muriel Bowser has put together its list of recommendations that will better reflect “contemporary D.C. values,” like looting and vandalism.

There are some big names on that list — and by big, we’re talking the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Those factors are participation in slavery, involvement in systemic racism, support for oppression, involvement in supremacist agenda, and violation of District human rights laws. So something needs to be done about Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and others.

Obviously, we’d assume the same. We’re expecting they’ll erect kiosks of some sort outside the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial to “contextualize” the structures by listing the sins of the Founding Fathers. Would they just remove them if it were practical?

We’re reminded of the black tour guide who gave tours of D.C. specifically geared toward black history and how he was berated by a hysterical young white woman for wanting the Emancipation Monument to stay as-is.

Seriously, move it to a state that would appreciate it.

We’d have to go back to our archives to find the exact date when it was determined the Confederate flag had to go (we think that was first on the list).