We ran a post a few days ago with guesses as to whose faces would replace those currently on Mount Rushmore. Colin Kaepernick? Greta Thunberg? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Since there are four of them, you could just put The Squad up there. Or you could do like they did in Charlottesville and just drape a giant black tarp over the whole thing.

President Trump is heading to Mount Rushmore next week, bringing attention to the highly problematic sculpture, and USA Today is reporting that a tribal leader isn’t saying the monument should be blown up … there are more environmentally friendly ways to do away with it.

USA Today reports:

And one other thing: [Oglala Sioux President Julian] Bear Runner thinks Mount Rushmore should come down.

“I don’t believe it should be blown up, because it would cause more damage to the land,” he said, noting that Indian artifacts could be damaged. But there are other methods to take down the monument that would have less environmental impact.

Into this comes the July 3 fireworks display and Trump, who has been criticized for disparaging minorities. Several groups led by Native American activists are planning protests for the visit.

“I’m not really happy that he’s coming to pollute our Black Hills,” said state Rep. Shawn Bordeaux, a Democrat and the chair of the State-Tribal Relations Committee and a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

Is Mount Rushmore in peril? Will Joe Biden promise to have it removed in his first hundred days in office?

That would be great. It would never happen, but it would be great.

President Trump, an Independence Day fireworks display, and Mount Rushmore, all in one day … let the triggering begin.