We’ve thought of this before — if statues of Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt are being pulled down or voluntarily moved out of public view, what are the woke going to do about Mount Rushmore — that thing has to be more triggering than a dinky little statue. The National Park Service could follow Charlottesville’s lead and drape a big black tarp over the faces, but Ben Shapiro seems pretty sure they’re going to blow it up.

Who wants to bet there are at least a few people meeting and talking seriously about how they’re going to deface or destroy it? The question is, will they just leave the mountainside there, or will they carve in more woke figures?

We’re guessing the fourth spot will go to Marsha P. Johnson, the black trans woman who played a role in the Stonewall uprising. Like USA Today last year for Pride Month reported, “Why we owe Pride to black transgender women who threw bricks at cops.”

Greta Thunberg’s a lock. Calling it now. Though it would be cool to leave as is and then add Ronald Reagan.





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