Allahpundit over at Twitchy sister site Hot Air noted that the City of Charlottesville, Va., found a way to deal with its problematic Confederate monuments — workers from the city’s public works department draped a giant black tarp over a statue of Robert E. Lee Wednesday and secured it with tape.

Allahpundit writes that the ugly black tarp that resembles a big trash bag is ostensibly an act of mourning for Heather Heyer … yeah, sure it is. Why not just pick up the statues in the dead of night and haul them away like they did in Baltimore?

Because a state law says local governments can’t remove, damage, or deface war monuments, so a tarp is a means of doing something, and as everyone knows by now, every monument honoring the Confederacy (or Christopher Columbus) has to come down ASAP.

So out of respect for Heather Heyer, supposedly, the city has done this:

Yes, that’s much better. The city really ought to leave it exactly like that, forever … and then shoot a bunch of new postcards to promote tourism: “Greetings from Charlottesville, Virginia’s Most Woke City Since 2017.”

Uh oh, here comes trouble.

He has a pistol on his right leg? And a name, and a face, and he’s talking to a police officer? Why didn’t he just sneak in at night with his face covered like the alt-left communists who took a sledgehammer to a 225-year-old monument honoring Christopher Columbus?

ABC News is really going with the narrative that the statues were covered with ugly black tarps out of respect for Heather Heyer?

Has President Trump made a statement decrying those who would try to remove the black tarp? Someone check Jim Acosta’s Twitter feed; he’s probably on it.

* * *