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Joy Reid says President Trump could stop the rioting if he'd simply tweet to his supporters to go home; Updated

Democrats didn’t mention the unrest and rioting that’s rocking major Democrat-run cities during the entire four nights of their national convention, and then, suddenly, Joe Biden emerges in Pittsburgh before a gathering of about six reporters and condemns all violence, challenging President Trump to do the same.


Reporters must have a macro on their keyboards that instantly types out, “mostly peaceful.” We’ve been told again and again that all of these protests are mostly peaceful, despite what we’ve seen streamed over the internet from Portland and Seattle. Just last week, CNN accidentally ran a chyron saying that a curfew had been imposed on Kenosha because of violent protests — and then, 15 seconds later, the chyron was removed and replaced by one that took out the word “violent.” The New York Times is reporting that mostly peaceful protesters are “assessing how to keep themselves safe” with “right-wing groups” increasingly moving in on their territory. Jennifer Rubin and April Ryan both today have brought up Trump trying to start a race war.

So progressives are finally admitting that, yes, these protests are violent. But no, we’re not admitting these are far-leftists trying to burn down buildings. Joy Reid, who never tracked down those time-traveling hackers who messed with her blog, says Trump could stop the violence by tweeting to his supporters to go home.


Fine question.



“Accuse your enemy of what you are doing, as you are doing it to create confusion.”

* * *


Another day, another claim that what’s happening in Portland and elsewhere is right-wing domestic terrorism:


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